Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello blog.
Yes, I know. I'm horrible. Forgive me?
Awww, thanks.
So yes. I suppose I should update you all who need is, as always, uneventful. School is going smashingly as I'm cramming in every single last minute to get things done before the end of May (which is coming up WAY too soon.). You may ask, "Why on earth is Haley writing a blog post when she SHOULD be doing World History?" And you have every right to ask that. And you have every right to scold me because I really don't have a legit answer for you besides the fact that I haven't blogged for an unseemly long amount of time. Which, if I really did write profound blog posts, wouldn't be such a bad thing. But I don't write profound blog posts. But you guys still read this stuff, so I'll humor ye.
Piano/orchestra/band is going good. I'm trying to up my practice time...which hasn't been terribly hard so far. God's been gracious and has added hours in the day when I can just be musical. I'm trying out for the Houston Virtuosi on May's a pretty prestigious youth orchestra, and I'm way'll be nice to actually have a conductor with a music degree. Heh. And I've been given hope today, because a violinist in my orchestra who's in it told me all the flutes are graduating, which meeeaaaannnsss there are SPACES for me! Now just to audition...please pray I don't completely flub it :S
Aaaand this is old news. I got my permit. But I drove on a FEEDER road next to the INTERSTATE. It was scary. And a guy flipped me off (even though HE crossed a double white line and cut me off. I honked at him. He wasn't happy. Hence the flipping.) But it was fun to go 50 >:D
I'm now on the Worship Team at church, which has been AMAZING. Worshipping God is one of my favorite things to do. Period. I never get tired of it, and I wish I could do it all the time. God has blessed me with an opportunity to share the gift He's given me with those around me and to spread His glory and fame.
This is...interesting. Because when I first moved here, I thought my life was going to end. I saw absolutely no light at the end of my horrible self-pity tunnel. My only hope was to just let go of all of my selfish sorrow, and let God show me why He put me here. He didn't show me at first, which drove me crazy, pointing out a (but most definitely not the only) flaw in me that I seriously needed to see: Impatience and reluctance to completely let go and give God control. What I thought was silence from God wasn't silence at all. He was working, but I just couldn't see it until months later. I know that He wants to use me, and I'm willing to listen to what He tells me to do, and I can praise Him all the more for His faithfulness and love.
Isn't God AWESOME?!
Ok. I'm done. Go on with your lives. Night blogland.
[edit: all my spaces between paragraphs ran away to join the circus. That's why my whole post looks like one big glob of mess.]


  1. Yayayaya!! A Haley Post!

    YOU ARE AMAZING. "I'm trying to up my practice time..." - you, the most devoted practicer that I know :) YOU go, girl!!! You're gonna make us so proud *sniff*

    Interstate! OH MY. Scary. Very scary.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts...they were so encouraging to read. It's INCREDIBLE to see God working in your life...he really is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. I am sad. This thing just deleted my comment :(

    I like how you say 'up my practice time' without saying exactly how much that impressive/scary amount of time is. I'm awe-struck O.o

    Props on all the driving! And props for honking at that guy :P

    Hmm that's very true. Thought-provoking indeed...thanks for sharing!