Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Er...hi Blogger. Long time no post.

*awkward silence*

So I pretty much fail at keeping a blog.

BUT. I will be better. Er...try.

So. Life...life is fairly uneventful at the moment. I got back from a COMPLETELY ROCK AWESOME WEEKEND IN PONCA where there was much dancing, pizza, underground church-ness, tea by the Christmas tree with one of my faaavorite lovelybeautifulawesomeincredible friends in the whole wide world, cold weather, no snow, and all my amazing friends who I love to death.

Christmas break continues without a hitch, as I attempt to catch up on school I kinda...didn't do..heh. heh. Bryan's home, Andy got a job working at the movie theater which means that our whole family gets free tickets. Every day. Heeee :) My lovely piano student, Helen, is doing absolutely wonderfully and gives me a nice laugh and usually a picture of some sort every week. My amazing parents are getting ready to celebrate their 26th(!) anniversary tomorrow. Bryan's girlfriend Amanda is coming down to meet everyone and spend the rest of break with us...


And I am running out of interesting things to say. So. PICTURES!

All taken with Osborn, the amazing Canon Rebel XS. I. Love. My. Camera.