Monday, March 23, 2009

Gee, I really love's quite the soothing noise to fall asleep to, is it not?

And so here I sit...a bit late in the evening to be writing a blog post, perhaps. But the rain reminded me that I have been neglecting a certain blog. *sheepish look* I'm afraid I have no good excuse. My only words will be a reassurance that I shall try to be more faithful and attempt to keep you from falling asleep as you read.

Today was gloriously uneventful. It was nice to just wake up early, watch the sun rise from it's home in the east to bury itself back in the soft clouds which dominated the skies, and do school...I'm a bit odd, I have to warn you. My spirits sink if I stay away from school too brain longs for activity.

I *did* have a lovely Spring Break. My family, minus one older brother, went up to chilly ol' Wyoming. I got jittery with excitement when we arrived to see a foot of snow just WAITING to be mulled around and stamped in.(Oklahoma was very much snowless this year...which didn't exactly thrill me) Andy and I made a snowman and called him Jerold.

Jerold lived a good life. He had only the best: a carrot(bugs bunny style, of course) nose, river rocks for eyes, and a mouth of pebbles which spread a wide grin across his snowy face. He was 3 layers tall at one point of his life.

Then, disaster struck.

Gravity didn't agree with him and toppled his head and middle down my grandparents' hill. His carrot nose and eyes were salvaged from the wreckage and reapplied to the base, making him into a giant head. We were sure he was happy about it. He smiled blissfully through it all for the next few days until he tragically melted when the sun came out and it became 60 degrees.

Bless you, Jerold. Bless you.

You may be wondering right about now, "Where are the pictures of this wonderful adventure? Doesn't Haley *always* carry her camera with her at all times? This is most unlike anything I've heard about Haley. Odd. Peculiar. Strange. Even abNORmal!"

I have explanations. Eddie(my faithful Kodak M853) has contracted a fatal illness. His screen became emo and turned everything blue. It was very sad. We sent him in only to find out that his repairs would cost just about as much as a new we cancelled his fixings and such. *snuffleth*

But a bit of good news is that I am in the market for Eddie the second! I'm up for suggestions...anyone?

For the moment, I must be content with me mommy's camera. But I really can't complain. It's schnazzy. A warning to all who know my passion for photography and that I take out my camera when a cool dust speck lands on my hand: She's back. Muahahaha >:) No mercy shall be bestowed!

Well, that's about it. I'm off to listen to the rain on my roof.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Greetings to all!

To those who are reading this--be you friend, family, creepy website stalker, or an aquaintence who I've barely breathed two words to--I give you my salutations.

It is true. I have entered the large and not entirely unfamiliar world of blogging once again. After my failed attempt at a Xanga(which nobody uses anymore, so what's the point?), I have turned to Blogger so I can jot down every happening in my life. Whether those happenings are interesting, irrelevent, or completely worthless to the whole of mankind, I promise that I will do my best to record them.

And now I must depart, having no extremely important news to reveal to you other than the fact that I started this blog. But you already knew that.

Keep harmonizing to the tune everyone's playing!