Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I love having my oldest brother home, to be sure. But the fact that he completely DEMOLISHES all of the leftovers isn't a happy thing.
On the bright side, whilst scrounging in our pantry for something to eat besides our non-existent leftovers, I found a thing of Chicken Ramen. Goodness knows how old this stuff is...I don't think we've bought any since our *sniff* Ponca days. But by Jove, it's delectable.


  1. Yeah, what's with older brothers visiting home and eating EVERYTHING?
    It's like they don't eat anything when in their own house.

  2. Hummmmms....or...uh, Hmmms. Wait. No. Never mind :) Anyways, you like leftovers? You're sad when they're gone? I'm a very severe advocate of not saving leftovers and throwing them away. Yes, I know about the poor hungry little kid who somehow would benefit if I ate those lovely leftovers :)
    lol! :) Anyways....
    Ramen noodles! The food of the college ones!

  3. Ha, exactly how it is with Grant coming home. I have to hide any good food. (like smores pop tarts!)
    Mhmm sounds good. *goes to check if we have ramen here*