Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Great is the difference between musicians and singers, The latter say , the former know what music comprises. And he who does what he does not know is defined as a beast."

--Guido of Arezzo, 11th century

Amen, brother.


  1. That was far too smart for me to comprehend.
    I'll just nod my head, so I look like I understand.


  2. Haha, I'll translate.

    "Musicians and singers have virtually nothing in common. Singers only sing and know nothing about music, while musicians know even the deepest secrets of music. And he who doesn't know what he does is a complete idiot."

    Basically, musicians are smarter than singers because they have to learn stuff to be as wonderful as they are. Anyone can sing. Not everyone can be a good instrumentalist.

    Good enough for ya?

  3. Ooh got it. Except that you're a musician AND a singer, right? But that's ok, cause you understand it....makes sense!

    You say anyone can sing, but you, my friend, are wrong :P

  4. I stick with what I said. Anyone can sing.

    In other words. YOU can sing. You just think it's impossible, but YOU, my friend are wrong :P

    Unless you don't want to sing. Which is perfectly fine. But that's up to you :)