Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Musician's Lament
Having to learn Christmas music in August is definately one of the downsides of being a musician. Why, you ask? Because whenever December rolls around you're absolutely sick of playing and hearing Christmas music. When you enter a store with sleigh bells tinkling merrily along to "Santa Baby" on the speakers, you want to strangle whoever's controlling the sound system. The thought of even touching an instrument with the intention of playing a seasonal song is unthinkable.
Not that I don't like Christmas music. I love Christmas music. It's awesome. It makes me happy.
But playing it for five months straight isn't awesome and doesn't make me happy.
Why practice it so early?
Good question.
Because whenever December DOES roll around, and you happen to be a musician, people will ask you to play. This helps them get into a jolly, happy-go-lucky mood to match the tinsel and ribbons streamed about everywhere. Of course, being a musician, you never want to be caught off guard, so you must be prepared with at least three peices worked to perfection-ish to satisfy their need to Fa-la-la-la-la.
So yes. I've already started my Christmas music. And honestly, it's quite fun at the moment. I gots a new book and this baby has teeth. Hoo boy.
I'm not complaining now. I just might be in five months.


  1. LOL :) That made me laugh. I'm with you...people never know the secrets trials of musicians! But *still*...August is realy early :) New book! Yays!

    Btw, we met our new band director today! He's like...Mr. Vincent's complete opposite :) He's a lot quieter and he doesn't tell stories or make...jokes *cough*, and he doesn't tell us we're brillant all the time :) But, he's super nice and really good!

  2. That...was amazing. Hahaha most I've laughed in quite a while. So props to you for an entertaining post :P

  3. Looool! I know EXACTLY how you feel. Grace Anne, was like..."I'm SO not teaching you Christmas In July. Not happening!" So now I have to do it by Which is a good idea to get a head start on lol.

  4. Yes! Tis a wonderful idea. Except that, living in NC, we don't do a whole lot with people at Christmas...because most of our friends go to their families :| But I love Christmas music all the same.