Friday, October 23, 2009

Random fact of the day:
I slept through the start of National Mole Day.
But I think that's legal.
Because I went to bed at 3...
Dang paper.


  1. Ugh! You reminded me that I forgot about National Mole Day!! It was Friday, wasn't it? Gr. And we even celebrated with sodas in Chemistry class!

  2. 3?!?! My dear, your mother would not approve. I wish I was with you :) "I would so drive there in my car...but that'd be illegar...oh, har, har, har..."

    I heart 6.02 x 10(23)!!!


  3. You got sodas to celebrate, Bre? No fair! We didn't do anything...sad day.

    Yes...but my mother let me sleep in another 30 minutes, so she still loves me :)

    I wish you were there too! My papers would've been ever so much more fun to write...even though there probably wouldn't be much writing done :P

    THAT REMINDS ME. I need to show *ahem* someone that recording. You know what I'm talking about :P

    I heart you um...MORE!!! :)