Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Woah. Is it July already? Correction...it's the middle of July? Summer is flying by too fast...way too fast...This isn't good.

But I suppose July's swift speeding does lead to some benefits. Actually a lot of benefits. Becaaause...*drumroll* I'M GONNA BE IN PONCA IN A WEEK!!! So let's pray for a speedy week as I drudge around the house, suitcase packed, impatiently waiting for next Wednesday.

I miss my Ponca peoples. Yeah, I know it's been less than a week since we tearfully hugged goodbye and said a snuffly "See you soon...", but I'm already counting the days until we can joyfully hug hello and say a cheerful "AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! HI!!!!!!".

Anyways, enough wishful thinking. On to more pressing matters. I know you're probably on the edge of your seat wondering how camp went....even though most of you who read this went to camp...but you still might find this interesting.

The focus this year was on missions. I went, not knowing exactly what to expect besides the fact that we had a speaker from Asia who I shall refer to as Mr. Z for security reasons. I left with the feeling that this was the best camp in my four years of attending SBFYC.
My picture of a missionary has always been someone who goes to a far away place, leaving friends, family, and home behind. Someone who risks life daily, spreading the gospel in different countries and languages. Someone whose entire life is devoted to the furtherment of God's kingdom.
I had never really thought of myself as a missionary. I don't fit the picture of the foreigner in another country whose native home is thousands of miles away, risking my life so that God's kingdom can grow. But there is one picture that I should fit. Me, as well as every other Christian should devote our entire lives to spreading the Gospel. After our call to salvation, we are called to service. Not necessarily overseas, but wherever we are, we need to be living our lives as a witness to Christ.
I was touched this week by the fact that I have never really cared for the lost...I have always felt so comfortable in my little bubble, never really wanting to reach out and touch someone else's life with the love that was so freely bestowed upon me. One of the most convicting questions this week was "How much do you have to hate someone to NOT share the gospel with them?". If you know me in the slightest, you probably know that I'm a very social person who loves people. But I realized that I don't love them enough. My prayer is that God will give me a love for the lost that is so big that I am crushed by it.
God is so great...He has given me more than I could ever, in a thousand lifetimes, deserve. I am in awe of the fact that Christ covered my sins when I did nothing. His grace and His mercy are so wonderful, and no one on earth deserves "the gift of God" referred to in Ephesians 2:8. And yet He gave it...freely. Christ gave up His perfect, sinless life for ME. Isn't the least we can do for Him is give Him our entire lives?
Something I've been struggling with this past month is bitterness...bitterness for leaving my friends, bitterness for having to live in a place so far away from the home I love. I've missed my home so much, and I've been sore with God for taking me away from it. But now, I feel different. It's true...I'm suffering, but God put me here for a reason, and I will praise Him still. I know that whatever He does in my life is for the advancement of His kingdom...and He's so worth it to give everything up.
I still miss everyone...but differently. I still can't wait to see them again, but until that time, I'm going to follow whatever God has planned for my life here in Houston.
* * *
So that's my big long blag about my experience at camp...or at least what I took back from camp. I didn't even get into the awesomeness of getting to see my Ponca people again...and believe me. That'd be pretty long. Reeeaaally long. Just know that it was awesome. Can't wait until next week.
Oh wait. Did I hear that right? Next week you say?
*joy* *joy*
There will be dancing...much dancing...and TRAILERS. Awesomeness will ensue. And the awesomeness will reverberate for months to come...until we get fed up with not being with each other. In which time, we'll hang out. Yeah.
And Kaley's coming the next weeeeeeek. Yaaaaaaaay!!
*more joy* *more joy*
I'm SO excited. The Khaley machine will be put together once more! AAHH!!
Oh. And Harry Potter's coming out tonight at 12. Unfortunately, we're waiting until tomorrow...or Thursday. Don't know how I'm gonna survive.
But enough talk. You're probably hungry. I know I am...


  1. A very thoughtful post...it sounds like you were going through the EXACT same things I went through two years ago when we moved from Michigan to North Carolina :) I was really mad. At everybody...my parents mostly. lol And I spent most of my time unpacking complaining to my sister, who just sat there and listened. (she's wonderful!) And now I'm so glad we moved...it's made me closer to my friends in Michigan (because we keep in touch more than we did before) and I have a lot more friends too :) You're lucky though, to have moved closer to Grace *big grin* I think we actually moved further away...even though I've never met her, lol

    And also, this post is making me think now ;) I'm not a *super* social person (I am around my close friends...but otherwise I'm tend to be a bit shy) so I guess I've always thought that a good excuse not to share the Gospel with others. I'll have to figure out a good way to start doing that :)

  2. That was a great post, Haley dear.
    Summed up camp really well :) Ah. I'm just....SO excited. !!! About everything! About Christ, about spreading the gospel, about his great mercy despite the fact that we are SUCH great sinners, about seeing YOU reallllly soon!! yes! :) JESUS IS SO WORTHY! :)

  3. I've definitely struggled with the same things. Though I really can't use that word in the past tense, because every time I think I've got it figured out, I fall back on my face. Makes me realize how great our God is! His forgiveness is unfathomable.

    NEXT WEEK!!!! Whoo! The dance/drama camp/having the whole gang together will be AMAZING!