Saturday, May 9, 2009

The strange influenza of pork creatures has seemed to reach Kay county.

Afraid, you may ask?

Eh. Not really.

My mom is though. She tells us to wash our hands for the whole duration of the "Happy Birthday" song at least once every few hours. I change the recipient every time. Just yesterday, I wished many happy regards to Bill Gates, Oscar the Grouch, C.S. Lewis, and William the Silent.

Stay well! Avoid large crowded messes and don't touch anything that looks suspiciously not-so-clean.



  1. Wait...seriously? Somebody has it?

  2. I read it in the paper this morning...there was a case in Kay County. It didn't say *where* in Kay County exactly, so I don't think it's in Ponca.

  3. Dude. Like, a couple of days after everyone freaked out, my mom said that, every time we touched the pizza boxes, we had to wash our hands. Or, drink hand sanitizer. Either one.