Wednesday, May 20, 2009

*sigh* Today is a lovely, lazy day. I think I might just write a nice long post. Haven't done that in a while...

Rehersals for Fiddler are coming along famously, even though we have less than a week and the director started re-blocking scenes...again. Ah well. We seem to be ready enough, even though we've got a little ways to go. But it should be pretty rockin' awesome, so you should come.

Even though I don't have much school left, it seems harder to get it done now. I'm losing motivation. Mmphf. I really only have a little bit of math, geography, and history...which in themselves don't take much time. Almost...there...

Scary thing of the mom and I found this big honking snake skin RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR DOOR. I'm never leaving the house again. It's official.
But there aren't any snakes in Houston....right?
I've always wondered why some things bother certain people, while they have absolutely no negative effect on others. Take my dad, for instance. He would stick around and keep the horrid creature alive just to see what kind it was...and THEN kill it. But me, I see it, I give my brain a millesecond to contemplate my horror, and then I act in whatever seems best. This includes, but is not limited to running away, looking for something to hurl at the monster's head/vital organs and then hurling said object at the monster's head/vital organs, or standing stock still and screaming my head off as Prince Charming rides up on his noble steed and slays the foul beast with his brandished sword...or garden hoe.

Eeesh. I'm scared just talking about it. Time for a subject change!


Guess what? I got myself a Twitter! It's cool. I won't go as far as saying it's better than facebook, but still. Pretty cool. What are you doing right now?

And the chance of rain on Saturday is STILL 30%! Nooooooo. Go down...pleeeease go down.

Aaanyway, Ahm a hungert. I goes to eat foods. Yum.



  1. I'm the same way with school. Only Spanish and Geography left, but I have 0 motivation to do either. It feels like summer is already here!

    So the Biology chapter about snakes and their awesome tongues didn't sway your opinion of the leathery beasts? I'm shocked! :P

    Yayys for twitter. I'm just glad I finally found people on there, and I'm not tweeting to myself. Yes, I was that lame (but only for about a week)

    Hmm, well maybe the rain can hold off until we're done with the fire, and then we'd get to go dancing in the rain. Win-win!

  2. I know, it really does! Especially with all the college kids already done and the public schoolers are finishing today...I want to join them in their joy. But alas, I must finish a few more chapters...

    Not in the slightest. In fact, now that I know more about their tongues and their...scutes, I think I'm more creeped out. It's like they're TASTING you from far away!

    Haha, quietly tweeting to yourself...what a sad life. I was wondering...what's past tense for a tweet? Twote? Twat?

    Oooh, yes! Fire and rain might not mix...but DANCING and rain sure do!

  3. Ooo, a snake, I'm sorry haha! Yeah, it is SO hard to finish school...ick. It better not rain..though dancing in it would be awesome :P

    *bounce* I can't wait till tomorrow night...and saturday night! Woo hoo!

  4. Kaley- I in late May is pure icky. YES! "Toniiiiiight, toniiiiiight won't be just any night" :)

    Matt- Yep, it's pretty cool!