Monday, May 4, 2009

Aaahh, old brick buildings. How I love thee.


  1. Haha, it looks a lot cooler in this picture than in real life :) And the Robin Hood Flour Mill? That place is CREEPY.

  2. Dude, isn't it? It seems like it would have a lot of clues. You know, like a super-sleuth magnet or something...

  3. Dude. When I was younger, in the old building that Mrs. Kem used? There was an awesome view of the Robin Hood Flour Milk thing...and I'd always stare at it during class...then get in trouble. But, I was always creeped out by that place...

    That would make either one awesome mystery movie thing, or like..setting for a book. Also a music video, that could be cool to. Lol, imagine us. Providence kids, create some story line, then go film it at that creepy milk place, and it goes world-wide. And we're famous. All because of some creepy flour milk place.

  4. OH. Whoops!! LOL.

    MILL not. MILK. I missread that. WHoooops. LOL.

  5. Josiah and I decided Gilbert lives in the Robin Hood Flour Mill, pacing the hallways while stretching.

    Very photographicly cool, by the way (or however you say that)