Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You know that feeling you get when you're pulling out of the driveway, heading hundreds of miles away, and you've got this paranoid feeling that somehow, even though the thought of it is absolutely inconceivable, you've forgotten something?

It could be anything. A toothbrush, a pillow, an extra pair of socks, or a book in case you finish the one you're reading on the way.

Of course, NO one would think that if you were driving up to Wyoming, where the high of your trip is 43 degrees and it will be snowing/raining the whole way, you would forget a coat. That's just absurd. Really, what kind of mental person would forget such a necessity?

Well, to put it straight and simple, the Bartell family sure would!

It started when we got to Salina. We got out of the car to get some much-needed munchins and it hit us that our flip flops and shorts just wouldn't cut it. The wind was blowing and it was far too cold for what WE thought was April. Thankfully, good ol' Target was there for us! Even though the winter coats had been taken up, we picked up some hoodies and went on our way.

The next day, it began snowing when we were almost to Cheyanne. It was 27 degrees and our wimpy little hoodies tried their best but failed to provide the warmth to brave the wintry weather. When we reached our destination, the snow hadn't arrived yet, but it was sleeting. We were grateful to be in my grandma's warm house, though. Myriads of distant relatives who claim that I've grown up so much since I was two(really? I hadn't noticed) smothered me with hugs and shoved plate after plate of cookies and trail mix in front of me.

Isn't it awkward when someone asks you, "Oh, don't you remember me?" And you think and think, but you have absolutely no memory of this person. They keep repeating all the times they took care of you and whatnot, and finally you have to give them a "Oh riiight, I remember now!" to satisfy them, even though you have no recollection of your first birthday party and the cute little organic sucker shaped like Shirley Temple's head that they gave you.

I'm just glad I'm home again. The 70 degree rainyness is more than comforting.

I *would* post pictures of the snow, but my camera is just out of reach of my poor lazy fingers. Too bad. They'll be up later :).

Well, I'm off to make dinner. Ta.



  1. Brrr.
    I'd take rain over snow any day. In fact, I'd take anything over snow!

    Ah, I love getting to meet a whole new set of "relatives" at every gathering....not. They all claim to know me, but inside I'm sure they're impostors. Haha

  2. Agreed! Snow in April is plain wrong. No doubt. Wyoming is messed up, man...

    Yes...I have a bad feeling that all they want to do is steal my social security number and use it to buy gallons and gallons of prune juice and retire in Costa Rica. Creepy old people...

  3. Haha! YES, I know the feeling....hate it when you forget something important...but that is pretty hilarious that you forgot your coats!! Man! LOL

    Oh the joys of relatives...*sigh*

  4. Haley, this was incredibly funny! I'm not sure if you meant it to be, but i certainly found it so. :)

    Oh, relative are the *best.*

  5. Haha, yeah, Kaley. Coats are probably the worst thing to forget when traveling...but we thought it was hilarious.

    Thanks Havi! Haha, at the time, it didn't seem so funny, but now that I think about how idiotic it was, I laugh. Hah. :)