Friday, April 24, 2009

Random fact of the Day:
My jelly bean jar needs to be refilled.
Please note that the amount in the jar in the picture has significantly decreased.
It's tragic.


  1. Jeeeelly BeAnS!!!!! I need to come to your house :)

    OH MY WORD, your house in Houston is InCrEdIbLe!!!AHAHAHAHAH!!!!! WOW!! I'm going visit you allll the time haha.

  2. You must definately *do* need to come to my house! NOW. Except...I seriously need to replentish the jelly bean supply. It's down to about 10 now. Sad day. But you should still come!

    Haha, you'd better! If you don't I'll be desolate and shall resort to dressing up like a ninja and going all kung fu on your not being in Houstonness.