Wednesday, April 15, 2009

After a storm, a rainbow always follows

Today, there was quite a bit of excitement. A few days ago(Friday, to be precise), I spent about 3 hours at church recording two songs I had chosen to send in for an audition for a Summer Institute Program at Rice. It took me what seemed like ages to get each song perfect. Numerous times, I had to stop and retry because I had made an obvious mistake or because my fingers felt rebellious and forgot a measure or two. I was pretty worn out by the time I was satisfied with the recording. I went home and attempted to put my recordings onto a CD that I could send to Rice.

As you probably know, my computer skills are pretty much zip compared to my musicalness.

First, when I put in the CD with ALL my recordings(not only the ones I wanted to send in, but also the ones I had made mistakes on), my computer wouldn't accept to copy the audio files and paste them into a separate file to be burned to CD. It would shut down if I tried to do so. After three quarters of an hour, my patience with the pathetic device dissolved and I switched compies.

My next attempt was slightly more successful, except I had to find a blank CD-R. Hah. Who'da thunk we would need that? I dug through every disc we had looking for one that didn't have writing of some sort on it. Finally, I was able to burn the disc.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't play on my cd player.

One more try and then I finally had it. My audition cd was complete. I filled out my application(actually, I had to fill it out twice since I mispelled "Scherzo" with a pen) and headed to UPS with my mama.

After a few more struggles which I won't describe, we sent it off, only to wait until it got there.

We checked up on the package every day. The deadline to have it in was April 15. When we checked it yesterday and it still hadn't arrived, I was despairing that it had somehow gotten lost among the myriads of packages that UPS ships.

Of course we checked it this morning...but something was wrong. It had arrived to its destination, but it couldn't fit in the dang post office box. It was a fairly small box. The size of a CD case(heh...obviously).

My mom and I desperately sent an email to the lady who organizes this institute thing explaining what had happened and whether or not she recieved the notice that something wasn't fitting in her box.

And then we waited.

And waited.

Finally, my mom's inbox flickered with a new message. The lady recieved the notice and the CD was safely in her office.

God is so good :).

When life's a storm, remember to watch for the rainbow that follows and be thankful to He who gave it to us.
Have a lovely day, my friends!


  1. That's AWESOME!! Such a great post...and very nice drawings as well :)
    Wow, the camp sounds like, super extreme! At a college! Woo hoo! I know you'll do great :)
    MAN! 3 HOURS?!! You must have died lol!! And all the dancing afterwards!! Gosh!

    I loooooove you!

  2. Btw, you still haven't answered my question...I'm dying to know WHAT owari means! I'm gonna guess goodbye or something sort of like that ...

  3. Haha, thanks! Me likes to color.
    Yeah...I'm a little anxious about it. I might not get in...but I know God has a plan for me :).

    I loooooooove you too!

    Oh, whoops! I thought I answered earlier...but I guess I didn't. Sorry! It means "The End". I find it a fitting ending to posts :).

  4. Very fitting indeed :)

    Can't wait till Monday! EEEEE!

    Much Looooove!!!